Time for Reflection . . . and a Few Goals for the New Year Too

January 1st is a good day to reflect on your life for the upcoming year. I do. While watching football and eating black-eyed peas, I will think about what I want in 2013. It’s important to be specific too. Don’t just set a goal to be happy, or successful. Rather list what makes you happy, a trip to the Cayman’s, a second beach home, a new car; or double my customers, or even better, double my net income. To help me focus my thoughts I organize my dreams for 2013 into several categories. These include: income/savings; finances/debt; health; spiritual growth; professional growth; home improvements; family/fun. I write these categories as titles on one blank sheet of paper using several columns. Then I list three items under each heading that would be most satisfying if I achieved or procured.

Once you completed your list, it’s important to concentrate on it.  Treat each item as a goal or a task to be accomplished.  Refer to your list often, weekly or daily is best.  It’s OK to adjust or modify the list throughout the year.  I usually do this in July. With great pride in what I accomplished in the first six months, I check off the finished items.  I review the remaining items and make any adjustments for the second six months of the year.  This process of concentration, coupled with envisioning the outcomes, in its simplest form,  is the law of attraction.  It works for me, and it will for you too.  It’s about focusing on what you want, and taking action.

Wishing you a satisfying, fun, and productive new year!

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